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Hygiene - Safety - Environment


Ambition is for our company TGCTP become an ideal partner and reference Management Projects in Algeria, to be recognized in our areas of expertise (Earthworks, Civil Engineering, Installation of piping and appurtenances, Installation Mechanical and Industrial), and close listening to our customers and our employees.

The satisfaction of our clients, the health and safety of people and environmental protection, remain at the heart of our concerns in this process.

Our goals are simple:
- Quality: Satisfaction of our partners, customers, employees and suppliers
- Health and Safety: Zero accidents / no damage to the health of workers
- Environment: No damage to the Environment

To achieve these goals, we are committed to provide the necessary means to continuously improve our QHSE management system by ensuring:

1. Partner satisfaction:
- Clients: Assessing needs in terms of QSE at least cost;
- Personnel: Empower, motivate and improve their skills;
- Suppliers and stakeholders: Measuring capabilities to join our QHSE policy.

2. Timeliness & cost control of our projects.

3. Control of the conformity of equipment through regular monitoring and systematic;

4. Compliance with standards, regulations and other requirements applicable to our business, including in the areas of health, safety and the environment;

5. Creating a continuous improvement;

6. Increase the safety of our staff, through effective prevention with our analysis of risks, incidents and accidents;

7. Control of waste generated by our operations and reduce to the lowest possible level the risks of pollution, including oil spills and discharges water into the environment;

8. Development of staff skills and promote the exchange of information and communication.

This must be part of our daily work practices, with a view to ensure the sustainability of our business and the accession of each of us in the improvement process, including process owners who have to oversee the implementation of integrated management system and achievement of objectives.

We delegate to quality managers and all powers necessary HSE to implement the integrated management system and continually improve.

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