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Hygiene - Safety - Environment


Taking into account the challenges, risks and opportunities, TGCTP is a company specializing in the realization of major industrial projects, aims to become an ideal partner and international reference in project management.

In a sustainable development approach, TGCTP is already recognized in its areas of expertise (earthworks, civil engineering, pipe laying and their ancillary works, mechanical and industrial assembly), aspires to be even more attentive to its customers, expectations of the interested parties and its collaborators.

Our development strategy aims to proactively improve to:

- Ensure the sustainability of the company by maintaining or even increasing market share.
- Realize quality services in accordance with the rules of art and allow the satisfaction of our customers.
- Provide safe and healthy working conditions in the context of the prevention of occupational hazards.
- Preserve the environment by mastering significant environmental aspects.

To do this, our objectives are:

- Clients: Assessing needs in terms of QSE at least cost;
- Personnel: Empower, motivate and improve their skills;
- Suppliers and stakeholders: Measuring capabilities to join our QHSE policy.

- Improve the efficiency of the financial results and the overall performance of the company;
 - Manage relationships and take into account the expectations of our relevant stakeholders;
 - Identify the needs and ensure the satisfaction of our customers;
 - Empower, motivate and improve skills in the perspective of awareness;
 - Reduce traffic accidents / incidents;
 - Prevent the risk of pollution, including accidental spills.

To achieve our objectives, we are committed to comply with applicable legal and regulatory requirements, to consult and / or involve our employees to prevent harm and pollution and to provide the necessary resources for the continuous improvement of our system. QHSE management.

By reaffirming our full responsibility and commitment to the well-being of our employees, the preservation of the environment and the sustainability of TGCTP, we delegate to the Director QHSE and its representatives, the powers to report, implement and maintain the integrated management system, and to continually improve it.

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