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Challenges and perspective

  Stakes of a step quality for the company :

In a constant concern to integrate quality, the environment and the safety and the qualification of the men for the optimization of management, TGCTP engaged in a system of management integrated since September 2011.

To make live and develop our company, the director general it is engaged in a step quality, in order to satisfy these customers and of the fidéliser. It is the customer, current or future, who are in the center of his concerns, and not the implementation of any system of management.
However, a system of management of quality in the spirit of the standards ISO 9001 version 2008, is a genuine development tool because it places the satisfaction of the customer and the improvement of the performances in the middle of the system. Beyond that, it is the whole of the parts interested by the development of the company which become the engine of its own development, that it acts of the customers, the partners economic, financial, social, and of the whole of the personnel of the company.
In addition, the system of management of quality requires to know the current requirements of the customer, but also its future needs. This implies to pre-empt the request and to acquire a good perception of the market trends, vision essential to the development of the company in a competing context increasingly more difficult.
The implementation of a system of management of quality will meet all the conditions of the development of the company, while allowing in particular:

  • Of fidéliser existing customers,
  • to find new customers, in particular while being able to answer invitations to tender of certain clients.
  • To position on emergent markets, thanks to an anticipation of the tendencies.
  • To increase its factor of differentiation with respect to competition;
  • To improve the image of the company, with respect to its external customers and partners.
  • To reduce the costs and the times and thanks to the improvement continues performances and the reduction of nonconformities.

In-house, the system of management of quality makes it possible the whole of the collaborators to adapt the step and to become a true force of proposal and anticipation. The system plays a federator part and develops the role of each one in the improvement continues performances.

Each collaborator becomes truly actor of the development of the company, which creates the conditions of a favorable social climate.

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