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From the CEO

A company can not be without its customers, customer relationships have many aspects but the most important is probably understanding their current and future requirements

By creating this good knowledge, the company will be able to focus on the current needs of customers, as well as develop a plan to meet their future needs with their satisfaction and conviction, which makes us exceed all expectations of customers

The missionaries are called upon to establish a purpose and direction for the company. I have the pride to create and maintain the internal environment where people can achieve their goals and will be the essence of the company and will allow to use their skills in good features.

The constant aim of our company is

- Continuous improvement of performance, subject to the evaluation of the current employees to engage in the cycle of improvement and assistance and avoid unnecessary proposals

- Development of work stages

- Improve customer satisfaction

- Stimulate employees

- Decision making based on analysis of data and information

Moreover, the prospect of sustainable development is a necessity, and this model adopted by all according to the values ??is no longer sufficient to prove the economic performance in the short term of the company but also to report the social and environmental performance, and in other way is to ensure the long term validity of the company and society in a way Relevance

The President Directeur General : Mr .Khaled IBRAHIM

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