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From the CEO

An organization could not exist without its customers .les relations with the customers have many facets, but most important is probably to include/understand which are their current and future requirements.

By establishing this good knowledge, our company will be able to be centered on the present needs for its customers and to plan according to their future needs with satisfaction and efforcement to go to the front of their waitings.

As much as leader called to establish the finality and the orientations of my company, it is advisable to me to create and maintain an environment internal in which the people can imply themselves in the achievement of the objectives and are the gasoline of the company and their implications makes it possible to use their aptitudes for good profit.

The permanent objective of our company is:

- The improvement continues performance which is subordinated to the evaluation of the situations present to begin in the cycle of the improvement which helps and brings while avoiding the useless suggestions.
- Enrichment of the processes.
- Improvement of the satisfaction of the customers.
- The motivation of the personnel.
- The decision-making based on the analysis of data and information.

Moreover, the prospect for a durable development became a need, a model that all the actors have to adapt itself according to values' which is not enough them any more to show the economic performance in the short run company but to also announce its social and environmental performances. They are to some extent guarantors of the long-term validity of the company but also of the community and the company or it fits.

The President Directeur General : Mr .Khaled IBRAHIM

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