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Ensure the health and safety

  Stakes of a step health safety with work :

The health and the safety of our employees, of our our customer and places of work are of primary importance for us. At TGCTP, our resources most invaluable are our human resources, and it is by creating an environment of stimulative work for our employees that we ensure our success. We sponsor programs of health, safety and wellbeing so as to actively ensure the management of the care of health and to pursue our goal of the zero industrial accident. Moreover, the development of emergency measures and an internal plan of operation contributes to the protection of our personnel and of the communities within work

an industrial accident can have dramatic consequences for the victims, their families, but also for the company and its persons in charge. The prevention of the risks and the dysfunctions makes it possible to decrease the probability of accidents and to limit the gravity of their consequences, by preserving the perenniality of the company.

Lawful stakes :

It is initially advisable to satisfy the legal requirements. The stakes of the respect of the regulation are measured in term of responsibility in the event of infringement:

  • Penal responsibility for the individual
  • Responsibility for the legal entity.
  • Civil liability with compensation for the damages.

Human and social stakes :

In the event of accident, the people are reached in their physical integrity. The damage can be temporary, but also final (total or partial permanent disability). They are also touched in the psychological, moral, family plan: distance of their family, of work, feeling to feel decreased, incompetent to take again a normal life, insulated, which can involve a depressive state and effects on family balance.
To preserve health and to improve safety, the working conditions and the prevention, to anticipate the appearance of a risk, to update the hidden risks, can make it possible to avoid such dramas but also to create a favorable social climate and an environment of work of quality.

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